About us


Founded in 1998 in the seaport city of Hai Phong, Century Company started its business by supplying maritime equipment to shipbuilding companies and specialized equipment to Navy’s projects.

In 2004, the company engaged its name in the pristine industry of composite boat and canoe of Vietnam and has achieved significant successes since then. With a human resources consisting of experienced engineers, skillful workers and a dynamic sales force, we are heading for higher stand in the shipbuilding industry of Vietnam and to be a trustworthy and reliable destination for customers.

After eightteen year operating with the slogan of “Quality Is Our Honour”, Century Company has established as a leading company in the technology of building boat and canoe by composite – FRP, and inflatable boat by Hypalon. We continuously ensure this slogan by satisfying customers through high-grade products, competitive price, and excellent services. Our commitment has been proven through accomplishment of large government projects and by being the reliable partner of internationally renowned manufacturers and suppliers. In parallel with improving product quality to match higher customer demands, Century Company has been implementing and managing its production process with the ISO 9001:2008 standard, as well as obtaining both Vietnam and international regsitrations for its typical product lines.

We would like to thank the customers whom trust and partnerships have been given to us, and we believe that they are the ground evidence of our solid growth in the moment and in the future as well.

Yours faithfully,
Century Company