Acceptance test 3 rescue ambulance boats QY.CN-01

On July 26, 2019, Century Co., Ltd. cooperated with the investor and related agencies to organize the acceptance at basis level of 3 military medical boats – super high speed , small size QY.CN-01 Attending the acceptance ceremony are represented of investors: Rescue Department – Labotary / General Staff of Vietnamese People’s Army, departments, functional agencies of the Ministry of Defence.

Small, high speed military medical - rescue QY.CN-01 (CEMA 1100 CAT) has a two-hull design, ensuring high stability, smooth operation when operationg in turbulent sea conditions and reducing 30% to 50% vertical acceleration in comparion to a single-body canoe of the same size. Boat speed reachs a maximum of 28-32 knots, ensuring fast ambulance and rescue at sea.

This boat is built using modern composite sandwich infusion technology, which is lighter but stil ensures the rigidity of the hull compared to conventional roll-rolling composite products. The ship is registered by the Marine Registry Office.

The boat’s parameters during the test run meet or exceed the specifications compared with the design, which is highly appreciated by the investor for both aesthetics and rigidity of the boat. Hosting the meeting, Comrade Major General Le Manh Tien, Deputy Director of the Rescue Department, representative of the commissioning committee acknowledged the effort and reults of the Century Company in the production and completion process of 3 boats mentioned above and agrees to take over these 3 boats for equipment and use.

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