Light, compact, fast, durable and high economic effective – these are the characteristics that composite manufacturing technology applied to bring succeed for boat building industry in Hai Phong.

 In Hai Phong, the high-speed boats, canoes made with this material are occupying the market, small-sized transport boats, rescue boats, survey boats, tourist boats…etc made by composite material become familiar and replace the old boats.

The boat building technology with composite material is applied for a quite time before in Viet Nam, but it’s only “blossoming” for a few years back.

If fishing boats made by this material are presented for the first step in Nha Trang, there are high-speed boats appeared surfing on the sea in Hai Phong. In total of 12 manufacturer using composite material in the entire country, Hai Phong has 3, and all 3 of them are boat building entreprises: Hoang Long Transport Limited Company, Century Limited Company and Hai Long Technology Joint Stock Company.

Leading in boat building technology with composite material in Hai Phong is Century Limited Company with Century Co., Ltd trademark. This is the leading private entreprise in making hull for high-speed boats with composite material in Hai Phong.

Hai Phong boat building industry is leading in providing large ships of tens of thousand tons, at the same time effectively applying composite technology in building boats and small-sized boats to serve the country marine economy.

In 2009, Hai Phong is proud to have a composite made catamaran with CEMA0-620–AT trademark, designed by Albatross Marine Company and manufactured by Century Limited Company.

This is a large-sized boat with 2 engines installed, fit for surveying and traveling purpose, having all of these characteristics: nice, durable, fast, and high-speed up to 32 nautical miles per hour.

Alongside with this product, Century comes up with a quite “unique” product: a boat made of composite and rubber. Entire hull is made of composite material but surrounded with rubber float, ensuring not only float-ability but smoothness of the boat is better than the usual rubber boat.

This boat type fits for surveying, rescuing and parasailing purposes because of high safety with the speed of 30 nautical miles per hour.

Boat product made of composite material in Hai Phong has reach to a stable place in the market. Alongside with big ships traveling across the ocean, small-sized “made in Hai Phong, VietNam” boats will be our Pride.

 Mai Lam / Hai Phong Weekend News

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